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Nov 10, 2013 10:30am EST
senator from massachusetts spoke at loyola college in baltimore. the young senator named john kennedy said," let us not seekir but act. let us not the republican answer or the democratic answer but the right answers. let us not seek to fix the blame for the past but except their own responsibility for the future." later, the5 years jfk advice still rings true and it's important for us to remember now as we implement the affordable care act. five weeks ago, the administration launched the federalov, insurance website was to be the main vehicle for millions of americans to sign up for coverage under the affordable care act. needless to say, it has been a rocky rollout. problems have plagued the website and limited the ability of americans to buy the health insurance they need and deserve. let me say right off the bat that this is unacceptable. tohas been disappointing hear members of the administration say they did not see the problems coming. sibelius, last time you came before this committee, i used two words to voice my concern about the implementation of the law. since then, my word
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1